*W I L U M * PU G M I R E *

Wilum Pugmire at SCUD - photo copyright 1993 by Larry Neilson
WILUM PUGMIRE, Seattle's only green transvestite vampire, is seen here hanging out at SCUD (Subterranean Cooperative of Urban Dreamers), the outrageously funky artists' coop on Western Avenue (demolished in 1995 to make way for yet another mid-rise condo tower). Wilum became a vampire when he worked as a sandwich man for the Jones Fantastic Museum at Seattle Center. He recreated a condensed version of that great collection of Halloween and horror kitsch while decorating his living quarters at SCUD. Wil is a poet and edits Punk Lust, an underground literary magazine. He is a familiar figure around the Cyclops Cafe in the Belltown hill-climb area.

Photo copyright © 1993 by Larry Neilson.

Squiggly doodads drawn by Ashleigh Talbot