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Portrait Artist * Filmmaker * Fine Art Photographer

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1954: Born at Northampton, Massachusetts

1962: Buys first camera with proceeds from selling flower seeds.

1966-67: Lives in Japan with his family while studying Japanese language and culture. While there, experiments with 35mm photography and first performs darkroom magic.

1971: Graduates with honors from WILLISTON-NORTHAMPTON SCHOOL. While there, shoots yearbook photos. Studies art history and graphics with BARRY MOSER, subsequently the winner of the American Book Award.

1974: First one-man photo exhibit in Northampton, Mass.

1975: Graduates Cum Laude from VASSAR COLLEGE, Poughkeepsie, NY. At Vassar he immerses himself seriously in photography as a hobby, documenting his schoolmates' decadent lives as well as their cultural activities.

1975-76: Works in the printing industry as Cameraman/Offset Stripper. Designs and produces an 8-page brochure of his photography.

1976-77: Yearbook photographer and darkroom ace for Springfield,Mass. studio.

1977-79: Freelance writer and photographer for alternative weeklies in the Connecticut River Valley region of Massachusetts. Runs commercial product studio on the side. Active in documenting New England jazz scene. Collaborates in five multimedia performances combining dance, poetry, music, magic, and slides.

Nov. 1979: Studio burns, destroying cameras, prints and negatives, slide files.

1980: Moves to Boston. Works in printing prepress while getting his business re-established.

1982: Moves to Marblehead, Mass. to concentrate on yachting and architectural photography.

1983: Works as Director of Publications for Ocean Research, Gloucester, Mass., owners of the tall ship Regina Maris, engaged in research on humpback whales and ocean ecology.

1984: Grants Writing Assistant, Museum of Science, Boston.

1985-87: Goes to work in the Advertising business, creating slideshows and print advertising for REEBOK INTERNATIONAL's agency of record, MG&R. Becomes familiar with 4-color graphic production and publications work.

1987: Shoots travel assignment on Nova Scotia, Canada.

1987-89: Becomes Production Manager for a Boston catalog agency, responsible for buying and QC-ing color separations and 4-color printing. Agency wins New England Direct Marketing Assn. Merit Award for Catalog Production.

1989: Studies with SAM ABELL, GALEN ROWELL, and others at Rockport, ME. Produces a line of color postcard pictures for Marblehead and Massachusetts' North Shore. Works as wedding photographer. OSW Award for photo OLD GRAND DAD. Death of the artist's maternal grandfather, the subject of "Old Grand Dad."

1990: Exhibits at PEEL GALLERY of FINE ART, VASSAR COLLEGE CENTER GALLERY. Shoots J-boats racing on commission for the EASTERN YACHT CLUB.

1990: Moves to Seattle. Immediately goes in a more spiritual and naturalistic direction in lifestyle, reflected in his photographic art work.

1991: Portfolio reviewed by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Transcontinental photo shoot visiting Philadelphia, New Orleans, Texas, the Southwest, Grand Canyon, and the Pacific coast from El Morro, CA to Port Townsend, WA.

1991: Initial Seattle shows at MARKETPLACE PHOTO, CRYSTAL STAR,and SWEDISH HOSPITAL garner impressive sales.

1991-3: Wedding photographer for YUEN LUI STUDIOS. Brokers "offshore" printing from Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea.

1993: Shoots several jewelry catalogs. Travel shots of California, Cascades, Columbia Valley. Exhibits at STILL LIFE CAFE at the Center of the Universe, Fremont, WA.

1994: Introduced to multimedia while working for ASYMETRIX as Print Buyer. More jewelry catalogs, imported goods photos; formation of SASS street artists' collective and first exhibitions of street art photos.

1995: Worldwide electronic publication through Funk Foto website, February. Success immediately gushes down! World renown quickly follows. Can a MacArthurFellowship be far behind?

1995: June: 20th Vassar reunion. Death of the artist's father.

1995: July: Exhibits at Elliot Bay Bookstore Cafe in Seattle's Pioneer Square.

1996: City of Art web site, originated and illustrated by Neilson, gets favorable attention in the media: mention in Seattle Times; Tokyo-basedAmbassador Magazine; and "In-site of the Month" for May in //home.page/Magazine.

1996: Four one-man shows displayed. Magazine publication of sections of Seattle Kitsch undertaken. ILEANA LEAVENS, Ph.D, renowned expert on Dada, collaborates on writing Kitsch articles and book chapters.

1996: Photos revealing Seattle's counterculture art scene published in Altair, Barcelona-based travel magazine.

1997: Shoots radio quiz show for National Public Radio 88.5-FM, KPLU, broadcast from Seattle's magnificent Paramount Theatre, starring Michael Feldman, Ruby Montana, and Ernestine Anderson. Shoots Global Reunion of the American School In Japan in Seattle, June. Travel photos of Oregon, the North Cascades,and the San Juan Islands.

July 1997: Wins trophy for Art Car Parade organized by Dr. Schlock for the Greenwood Seafair Parade (Best of Parade, Wheeled Division). Trophy is promptly mounted on spoiler of Rhonda the Honda and displayed at the Madcap Motorcade in Portland, Oregon!

1997: Produces commercial web sites for a number of clients.

November 1997: Appears as a guest on NBC-TV's Compton Reportas Seattle's Art Car Guru, with Jim Compton, national Art Car proponent Harrod Blank, and members of the SASS Art CarSquadron.

January 1998: Begins a hitch as full-time contractor with Microsoft Corporation, managing to fulfill artistic commitments all the while.

May and September 1998: Featured on KING 5-TV's Evening Magazine as Seattle's Art Car Guru, with John Stofflet and members of the SASS Art Car Squadron.

December 1998: In his persona as Dr. Schlock, Neilson is profiled in a full-page feature article by Vassar Quarterly.

January 1999: Elected to the Board of the Fremont Arts Council.

May 1999: Appears on nationwide TV in Japan with members of the SASS Art Car Squadron.

February 1999: Exhibits at Benaroya Hall (Seattle's new Symphony Hall), demonstrating City of Art web site and introducing the Seattle Kitsch photo essay to the public.

March 1999: Begins work as a webmaster for King County, Washington, the nation's 12th most populous county. His photo and Web design work was visible online at the County web site through 2007.

June 1999: In conjunction with Leopard Lady Kelly Lyles, masterminds a major invitational Art Car rally at Seattle Center as part of the artsEdge Festival.

September 1999: Filmed forTV with fellow Art Cartists on a caravan to San Francisco for the Art Car Fest. Hangs in the Haight. Parties with Wavy Gravy. Partipates in the "How Berkeley Can You Be" Parade and Festival. Photographs the beautiful coast of Oregon on the return trip.

Autumn 1999: Gets national news coverage as he spearheads the fight against Art Censorship in Seattle in defense of Steve Anderson's Picardo Venus statue.

October-December 1999: Exhibits at Elliot Bay Brewing Company, 4720 California Ave. SW in West Seattle.

March 2000: Shoots a beautiful sequence of 20 photos of the Kingdome Implosion from a nearby office tower. The Implosion Series proves his best-selling photo story ever.

May 2000: Fund-raising activities supporting Art Car invitational include major exhibition of new work and Art Car photos at Benefit Auction.

June 2000: With Kelly Lyles and others, organizes the second invitational Art Car Blow-Out in Seattle's famous Fremont District. Seattle Cartists host some 20 visiting Art Car creators and owners from across the country.
Visits Poughkeepsie and NYC for 25th Vassar Reunion.

July 2000: During MerKaBa's concert at Experience Music Project in Seattle,  dances onstage at the Sky Church to celebrate release of this group's fine new CD, self-titled.
In his "Buddha Buggy" Art Car, leads 4th annual Greenwood Art Car parade.

August 2000: Television appearance on Speedvision Network'sCar Crazy (filmed in June at Art Car Blow-Out 2000 in Seattle) - broadcast date 8/23/00.

Official photographer covering the Seattle HempFest, August 20.

September 2000: Revisits Bay Area ArtCar Fest.

2001: Joins in the Funeral For Democracy, Seattle street protest against the Bush-Cheney-Rove clique's theft of the 2000 presidential election. His rendering of the "Kennebunk Hillbilly" parody will long beremembered. Are you listening, Benaroya?

  • Designs labels and signage for Shangri-La Spring water, pure holy water from Kham Province, Tibet, and materially assists in startup marketing push for this fine product.

June 2001: Shows his Art Car at Tacoma Art Museum's Contemporary Folk Art exhibit. Helps to coordinate Seattle Art Car Blow-Out 2001, June 15-17.

2002: Returns to school to buff up his Web design and scripting skills. Continues studies through summer 2003.

September 2001: Shows his Art Car in the Vancouver (Canada) Funky Art Car Fest. Becomes a Charter Member of the A.S.C. (ArtCar Society of Canada).

June 2002: Fourth and final year coordinating the Seattle Art Car Blowout, which peaks with 72 vehicles.

2002-03: Shows his Art Car at San Jose Art Museum's special show in September, part of the Bay Area Art Car Fest.

Becomes Webmaster for the Seattle NOT IN OUR NAME chapter, attempting to coordinate protest against the looming war against Iraq.

March 2003: Publishes his Quicktime movie THE WORLD SAYS NO TO WAR shortly before the bombs begin to fall, meanwhile producing four more anti-war films.

June 2003: Shows his Art Car in Seattle Art Car Blow-Out.

2003: Studies filmmaking in Vancouver, B.C.

June 2004: Shows his Art Car at Fremont Fair, Seattle, during Solstice/Blow-Out Weekend. Tables for Northwest CyberArtists in Social Action Village, an enclave ringed by American flagged coffins and dominated by a 12-foot puppet of President Bush as a coke-crazed Texas gunslinger brandishing nuke-u-lar six-shooters.

2003-06: Art shows and conferences dedicated to resisting Bush and the neoconservative takeover. Art of Resistance Conference, Weapons of Mass distrACTION multimedia art show, Ship of Fools political art show, Fear Channel News - scriptwriting and acting; Not In Our Name webmaster, Fremont Freedom Flicks weekly community movies, Greenlake Peace Vigil.

2004: Contributes to the anti-war and Stop Bush movements in Seattle. Kucinich delegate to Washington Democratic Convention, May. Voter registration drives, summer - fall. Get out the vote drives, September through the election. Op/eds, editorials, online rants and phillipics -- nonstop.

Dec. 2006: Buddha Buggy Art Car destroyed by uninsured driver Troy Jerome Curtis, who was checking a number on his cell phone instead of watching the road at the time. Compensation offered was replacement of the car. Compensation tendered was limited to part of the cab fare home on the night of the accident. Troy Jerome Curtis is still at large and still ducking subpoena service.

2007: Neilson's multimedia play Fear Channel Late News performed before an audience of over 500 cognoscenti at Seattle's four-star Fairmont Olympic Hotel, June 14. Songs produced for the show are available online.

2007: Nature study movie, "Water Sequence" published on Larry's myspace site.

2008: Art Car rises again -- new red CRX transformed into the Phoenix Car.

2011: Converts to all-digital photography.

2012: Creates a new website for University of Washington School of Medicine, featuring a Java-scripted slide show, drop-down menus, embedded video clips, blog, and many other techie features.

2011-203: Ongoing organization and digitization of the artist's life's work in photography and graphics. Continues living in Seattle and vicinity, in reduced circumstances.



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Larry Neilson capturing a difficult shot of pelican habitat on the Humboldt coast of California, 1999
Photographing pelican habitat on the coast of California, 1999. Photo by Nicole d'Arcy