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American Evolution
(Multimedia Slideshow)
5 min. - 28MB

The World Says No to War
(Director's Cut - 2/15/03 March)
10 min. - 19MB

More Sex in the White House
(Music Video)
3 min. - 6.4MB
Water Sequence
(Musical Slide Show)
6 min. - 25.5MB
America at the Brink
Available by Request

(Documentary - 3/15/03 protest)
27 min. - 455MB
We Told You So
(Epilogue - 1 Year Later)
6 min. - 13MB

Here are some samples of Larry Neilson's digital video shooting and editing work. These short films were created using Adobe Premiere on the PC. To view them properly, you need a computer with broadband connection, sound capability enabled, and Quicktime software installed (it's a free download if you don't have it). You may be able to discern a common theme between the seven films.

THE WORLD SAYS NO TO WAR is a brief documentary on the worldwide Feb. 15, 2003 peace marches, as seen from Seattle. This was originally a student project for my coursework at South Seattle Community College. It was rushed to publication to get it online before war actually broke out but I went back to source files and reconstructed the project as a "Director's Cut" in honor of the third anniversary of the march. This version, seen here, was presented at a Grand Premiere Friday February 10, 2006 at the Wallingford Meaningful Movies in Seattle, WA. As the illegal Iraq War and occupation approaches its fifth anniversary, it appears as though these 2003 titles may have continuing currency, just as patching up wounded veterans will likely provide employment at our military and VA hospitals for the next 50 years!

WE TOLD YOU SO is the sequel to "The World Says No to War" and takes us up to the summer 2004: the conquest, the triumphalism of May '03, the crushing and regrouping of the peace movement,the bloody April of the Iraqi insurgency, and the looming '04 presidential election. Once again Seattle is the focal point, but local activities mirror and suggest more general trends. Must viewing for all voters in 2008!

AMERICA AT THE BRINK documents the last-minute scramble of the peace movement to stop the Iraq invasion. Shown through footage by Bokonon (courtesy THC-TV), protestors surround the Seattle Federal Building and wind it with crime scene tape to label the act of aggression the government was poised to commit on March 15, 2003. Rare archival footage shows Congressman Jim McDermott's speech, protestors speaking their minds, and Peace Brother's inspiring address to the crowd. Also included is a live performance of Steffon Moody's witty ditty, "More Sex in the White House" live from the Federal Plaza. Experience the drama, the passion, the fun of protest under the gun in this half-hour documentary.

MORE SEX IN THE WHITE HOUSE, excerpted from the longer AMERICA AT THE BRINK, captures Steffon Moody's inspired performance at the Federal Building and the crowd's rapturous reception.

AMERICAN EVOLUTION is a slide show set to music, offering an alternative vision of loving cooperation and sharing to a society seemingly hell-bent on self-destruction. Just as the Iraq invasion didn't have to happen--certainly not in the reckless, rushed, unplanned fashion that is now causing such pain and horror--civilized people do not have to succumb to mistrust and militarism because of the government's blatant fearmongering and manipulation. Sometimes it takes more courage to explore the path of trust, to invent our way around the seemingly inevitable pull to environmental destruction -- even to voluntarily give up the rat-race of ever greedier consumerism. Old Sixties music by Tommy James and the Shondells provides our soundtrack.

Lastly, WATER SEQUENCE is another slideshow, this time based on still images of the textures, movements, moods and reflective effects of water. Nature photography is Larry's first love (at least, it was his first love after railroad photography) and this is a good representation of his output over a sustained period of personal shooting. The music, selected to match the clear tone, rippling rhythms and dynamic range of water, is a vibes plus piano trio selection, Little Madimba. It is performed in a John Coltrane Memorial Concert by McCoy Tyner (piano, leader), Bobby Hutcherson (vibes), Herbie Lewis (bass), and Freddie Waits (drums). The set was recorded live at the Shaw University Black Arts Festival in Raleigh, NC in 1969 and later released on Blue Note Records' TIME FOR TYNER. Little Madimba is presented in excerpt in our little film. The full version will be heard in a forthcoming expanded version.

If you wish to view the films in RealOne Player or the newer releases of the QuickTime media player, you can re-size the window and see the production quality somewhat better. Copy the URLs below and paste them into the Open URL window in Real Player, (this still requires Quicktime but will appear inside a player window, which may be enlarged by dragging the corners or using the Movie Size command) or a recent release Quicktime player using similar manipulations to enlarge the image.

American Evolution:
The World Says No To War:
Water Sequence

Fear Channel News: Special Inaugural Edition of 1/20/2005

Tech notes: Still photos were shot using Nikon F2 and FM2 manual 35mm cameras and conventional chemical materials, or with Canon point-and-shoots and direct-digital processing. Video footage was shot using Sony and Panasonic professional digital video cameras. Videography by Larry Neilson except as noted. News and private still photos used are noted in the closing credits of any film. All still photography in American Evolution, Water Sequence, and We Told You So is by Larry Neilson.


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