Some Art Cars From Seattle

Photos from 1996-2002
by Larry Neilson

This website is provided only as a sample of Mr. Neilson's authoring and photo work. It is not an official publication of Seattle Art Cars and represents the group's current post as of Dec. 2002.

Buddha Buggy

by Larry Neilson

Leopard Bernstein

by Kelly Lyles

Playa Jitney

by Phil Teller

JAHMBI: Tiki Bus

by Dawn Frasier


by Kim David Hall

The Tortoise

by Dawn Frasier

Dino A-Go-Go

by Paul Granard

Little blue VW with lobster over the grille
Aqua Mobile

by Don Ehlen

Monkey Mobile

by Celeste Virago

Oasis of DeNile

by Jim Simmons

Colossal Roadster

by Lynn Taylor


by Josh Keller

Red Stiletto by David Crow
The Red Stiletto

by David Crow


by Tom Swanson

Jennifer Larsen

Original Text from 2002

Seattle Art Cars is a loose coalition of people who make and own Art Cars and live in the greater Seattle area. Here are photos of some of their off-beat creations from the years 1996-2003.

Seattle's art cars are visible on highways and byways, where everyone can see them every day, not closeted in obscure art galleries. Nationwide, the Art Car Movement has come into its own, while locally, Seattle has become a leading center of this innovative art movement, hosting the nation's third largest art car festival each June.

Darlings of the media, art cars have been featured many times on local and national TV, in newspapers and magazines, in underground films and books and, in 2001, on Good Morning America. In 2002 art cars were the feature of a much-ballyhooed show at the Peterson Museum of Automotive Art in Los Angeles; that same year Harrod Blank's definitive picture book Art Cars made its appearance. An art form that refuses to take itself too seriously, "Cartistry" is on its way to being an enduring hit with the public.

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Art Cars on display at Tacoma Art Museum, June 3, 2001.

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Updated: December 2, 2002