Gravity Bar Mural by James Crespinel

Mural by Jim Crespinel at Gravity Bar, 2nd & Virginia, Seattle
Photo copyright © 1996, 2012 by Larry Neilson.

The GRAVITY BAR is a downtown bistro featuring healthy vegetarian and alternative fare. Its owner commissioned this huge mural by JAMES CRESPINEL, a professional artist and muralist whose work shows considerably more finish than most street art. Originally from L.A., Crespinel cut his teeth painting movie stars and entertainment celebs. This is his most surreal public-art composition to date. Crespinel has also done beautiful murals of marine life on the City Light substation behind Pike Place Market; a moving monochrome tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King at CATFISH CORNER on E. Cherry; a two-story rendition of Ken Griffey, Jr.; and several commercial murals (often on sporting themes) which are highly visible around town.

Since the above writing, Crespinel has departed for Manhattan, and the Gravity Bar has gone the way of so many eateries. The mural has been painted out in favor of (at the moment) adverts for Columbia Sportswear.

Painting of Jimi Hendrix by James Crespinel; acrylic on canvas; photo copyright 1996 by Larry Neilson
Portrait of Jimi Hendrix by Crespinel; acrylic on canvas, 1996. Photo © 1996 by Larry Neilson.

Painting of Dr. MLK, Jr. by James Crespinel; photo copyright 2013 by Larry Neilson
Crespinel's mural of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Catfish Corner is a Central District landmark.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness.
Only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate.
Only love can do that."

Photo copyright © 2013 by Larry Neilson.

James Crespinel; photo copyright 1996 by Larry Neilson
James Crespinel painting in his Belltown studio.  Photo © 1996 by Larry Neilson.