Disk Drive license plate

Disk Drive
by Lara7

Disk Drive license plate

Disk Drive is a brilliant satire on obsolete technology by West Seattle librarian Lara7. This 1989 Honda Accord sedan is fully covered with 5¼-inch floppy diskettes, computer keys, and other oddities of our planned-obsolescence lifestyle.

Disk Drive was begun as an art car before Lara moved to Washington State to take a job at the Tacoma Public Library, when she was living in the Cleveland area. She started arting the car when she still owed $5,000 on it! This proves that Lara is a more emphatic cartist than many fainter-hearted practitioners of the craft.

Of particular interest is the rainbow of colors on this whimsical vehicle. The colors transition from red to green, blue, and purple in waves that ripple down the sides. The front bumper is red; rear and trunk lid are purple. A medley of contrasting colors parades diagonally across the hood. Keyboard keys decorate the lower window gaskets. The disks were hand-painted using 1-Shot enamels. Embracing her geek past, Lara is now looking for old computer punch cards to decorate Disk Drive's interior.

"Your car is your car, and you should do whatever you want with it. This car is made just for fun," laughs Lara when asked why she did this to her wheels. "After all, if you can't have fun, what's the point?"

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