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Where's the Beef?

Back Talk

Old Grand-Dad

J-Boats Competing
Off Marblehead

The Royal Hudson
At Squamish

At the Picnic

Wil Pugmire

Redwood Kingdom

Larry Neilson is one of the rising stars in Seattle's burgeoning photography and fine art scenes. He is known for being equally talented in several photographic disciplines: as a portraitist, a commercial/industrial photographer, and a chronicler of the wild happenings in the streets of the Rainy City. He has had notable shows and publications in the fields of sailboat photography, jazz photography, historical photos, scenic and travel photography, political photos, and architectural subjects. His series of candid black-and-white portraits, REAL PEOPLE, has been seen in many of the 50 one-man shows he has presented from coast to coast. For a brief résumé of the artist, click here. For a selected list of his past exhibits, click here. To view his mid-90s essay on Seattle street art and off-beat events, click here. To sample his efforts in other media, browse below.

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